Thanks for stopping by!!

The Crimson Teardrop has been moved to a new division of Secret Cravings Publishing called Sweet Cravings Publishing.  It’s a little on the tamer side of some of their books, lol.

Check it out here:


I hope you enjoy it, it was fun to write.  I bet you can’t figure it out, lol, it’s full of twists and turns just to keep you guessing!!


4 Responses to “Thanks for stopping by!!”

  1. Been looking forward to read this book for a while!

  2. Barbara Brant Says:

    I like sweet romance! Good luck on your book! Sorry your blog is quiet…that’s not fun! Cheers and best wishes!

  3. Mary Beth Says:

    oh Wendy I am looking so forward to reading your book. I think it will be very interesting and maybe a little wild. I picture it something like you when you were younger. hmmm, maybe I should have kept that one quiet…… hope your book is a super success. Hugs from us.

  4. now that things have settled down i cant wait to sit and read your book 🙂

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